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About us

About us

Founder of Materials Research Scientific-Research Institute (MRITSU) is Academy Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Nodar Kekelidze. The Institute was named after his death in 2019.

Stimulating the research of the Institute (MRITSU) with its related institutions and universities, gives opportunities to develop of different viewpoints and new ideas.

Combining by us as disciplines – often called “convergence”, combines physics, natural sciences, engineering and computer technologies and makes it possible to solve the most complex problems facing society today and in the future.

MRITSU is an Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Organization, which has developed a culture of close cooperation between disciplines.

The problematic laboratory of semiconductor physics was founded by Prof. Nodar Kekelidze 1961 in Tbilisi State University. Later on the basis of this laboratory, was created scientific-research institute of semiconductor physics and technology, then “MION”.

At Tbilisi State University, on the basis of Laboratories which founded by Nodar Kekelidze (Scientific Research Laboratory of New Materials – 1973, Problematic Laboratory of Radiation Physics – 1972, Semiconductor Material Research Laboratory – 2007) and department of Semiconductors Materials – 1988) in 2009 was founded the Materials Research Institute (MRITSU), which director was Academician Nodar Kekelidze before his death.


Supporting MRITSU for faculty of Natural Sciences is  manifested  to teaching, coordination with  scientific, experimental and industrial partners.